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ASME Stamp Consultancy or U Stamp Consultancy
S V Tech Engineering is a one of the leading service providers for valuation of ASME & U Stamp Consultancy for all industries. ASME U-stamp is the certification that is given by the America Society of Mechanical Engineers for all industries.
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Product Description:

ASME is one of the oldest and most respected standards-developing organizations in the world. It produces approximately 600 codes and standards, covering many technical areas, such as boiler components, elevators, and measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits, cranes, hand tools, fasteners, and machine tools.

The ASME conducts one of the world’;s largest technical publishing operations through its ASME Press, holds numerous technical conferences and hundreds of professional development courses each year, and sponsors numerous outreach and educational programs.

Advantages of an ASME Certification

  • Competence in using the ASME Code
  • Publication in the ASME registers of Authorized Manufacturer
  • International market of more than 113 countries
  • Certified ASME Quality Assurance System
  • Authorization of manufacturing of Stamped Items
  • Extensive responsibility as ASME Manufacturer.

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