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Modular Kitchen Manufacturing

Modular Kitchen Manufacturing

Omkar Udyog offer the different types of Modular Kitchens. These are regularly used shapes and further customization can be done as per customer requirements.
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Product Description:

Now a days more and more families prefer modular kitchens as it helps them to design / plan the Kitchen as per their convenience and more effectively. Hence this type is gaining more popularity.

We “Omkar Udyog” offer the following types of Modular Kitchens. These are regularly used shapes and further customization can be done as per customer requirements.

1. Straight shaped

2.  shaped

3.  C  shaped

4. Parallel platforms

5. Island kitchens


1. Accessibility:

This is a major factor and needs maximum attention while designing for the following reasons:

  • Ergonomics of the kitchen for easy and comfortable usage of the trolleys / equipment

  • Streamlining the tasks performed in the Kitchen

  • Optimum Design to get a fine balance between Storage Space and Aesthetics


2. Work Space Management:

This is to ensure effective utilization of kitchen area & revolves around the 3 basic functions of Cooking Serving and Washing carried out in the Kitchen. The kitchen auxiliaries play a major part in work space management. This space management helps to use kitchen area more efficiently. Our designers work on various aspects like frequently used tools, positioning of kitchen appliances w.r.t. sink and other space utilization techniques.

3. Aesthetics:

this is a very important aspect as it has to be love at first site. Variety of materials used for front panels and colour combinations play an important role for an appealing look. Proper sunlight and ventilation arrangement is also an important thought process while designing. We recommend our customers to avoid crowded designing

4. Cleaning:

Kitchen needs to be clean & hygienic. For that matter we manufacture user-friendly fabricated parts. Cockroaches and other pests are the most irritating element in the kitchen. We do not claim, making cockroach free Kitchens but our designers do take precautions in the design stage to ensure that cleaning is easy and leads to minimization of pests. We can only take precautions to avoid cockroaches. We try to provide proper air ventilation grooves for the kitchen trolley, which will reduce moist condition inside the trolley.

Our after sales service we ensure that the kitchen is used effectively.. As kitchen trolley system is moving system, it requires servicing. This factor is equally important and we support our installations for the requisite duration     

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Company Name: Omkar Udyog
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