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Chit Fund
Dheer Kuries Limited is a Registered Company under both Companies Act 1956 and Maharashtra Chit Fund Act 1982.Our Company has organized schemes to suit your lifestyle and Budgets.t
Brand : Dheer
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Dheer Kuries Limited

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Mobile No : 9270001728
Area : Aundh
City : Pune - 411007
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Product Description:


  1. All the chits will be registered as per Chit Fund Act
  2. Dheer Kuries a govt. recognized Chit fund Company.  
  3. Prized chit  amount will be disbursed within 15 days after the auction
  4. Both prized and Non Prized chit will enjoy equal benefits and dividends.
  5. You will get a pass book to record your transactions .
  6. Whole Amount of Chit is Kept as a Fixed Deposit in A nationalized Bank as a rule of Chit fund Act to ensure the safety for the members.
  7. Financial planning for any type of requirement can be met through chit funds is flexible and convenient. As we are aware of the amount  which we are about to receive and repay as per the schedule time.
  8. Free insurance cover for the prized Chit Subscribers
  9. Get Up to 40% of the bid amount.


Our Aspiring Future


Dheer Kuries Ltd. wishes to cater the needs of a common man with the vision of not burdening them with necessary debt circle.


Proper planning for investment and loan can solve most of the inflation crises which a every individual is facing today.


Our vision is to let very individual understand its own financial need and save accordingly. That when he/she needs the monetary help it comes from his own savings and not burden from any financial institute who charges exorbitant interest and allied fees.


Even his hard earned savings should not be in hand of frivolous  company offering exorbitant returns to allure greediness, then a vanishing act.


The returns earn by you will be transparent and given in way of dividend from colleagues.


Our mission is to spread our Branches all overIndiaso we can educate and insure a better financial planning fighting monetary problems and help our subscriber whether its urgent or when planned.


Our future will be seen in our performance not just words….We believe to perform not just promise………………

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